Gandy's Information

Breed: Domestic shorthair,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 9 Years
Can live with:
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Phoenix, AZ

Gandy (Gandalf) is a wise gray/white tuxedo cat that has been on quite the journey. He’s a very silly and adventurous kitty that needs a loving home.
He loves hanging out and being near you, though he’s not the biggest cuddler, he loves his belly rubbed and will often roll on his back like a dog 🙂
He prefers to play in short bursts which is amusing. He enjoys laying on things in very awkward looking positions. He’s full of silly quirks that I just adore. (He often knocks on closed doors) 🙂

Im not sure how he is around other pets since he’s been the only pet in my home.
He was recently diagnosed with diabetes, so he needs someone who is patient, can dedicate time to give insulin on a schedule, and can afford meds and vet visits if needed. Someone who isn’t gone all the time that can be present with him.
Gandy is a loving cat that’s had a tough life and has come a long way. He’s a quick learner, very polite, yet needy at times. Very cute, loving, and such a beautiful soul.


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