Little Fella

Little Fella's Information

Breed: Domestic shorthair,
Gender: Male
Age Range: 11 Years
Can live with: Cats,
Spayed/neutered: Yes
Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Three adorable cat brothers, from the same litter, have lived together their whole lives, over 10 years together. Get along peaceably, though have different personalities. All are neutered. Relaxed, not domineering, a charming bunch.
We are praying that all three brothers can be re-homed together (Calvin, Little Fella and Pretty Boy), as that’s what they have known all their lives. Their Pet-Parent is going into Assisted Living.

Little Fella is friendly and social. Comes out to greet, but doesn’t seek out petting consistently. Charming. Not afraid of newcomers. Friendly with his brothers. Relaxed, and neat and tidy. No litter box issues. No vet issues.
Little Fella is gray and white.

Upon all three brothers going to the same home, I will provide…
…their 3 litter boxes, all cleaned, and sanitized with bleach water, presently lined up, side by side, in the laundry room;
…40-lb. box of “clumping” or “scoopable” litter, unscented, that allows liquids as well as solids to be lifted out, and provides for no smell;
…a LitterLifter brand litter scooper that’s patented and absolutely excellent at its performance;
…several cases of 24 cans of their Friskies (the least expensive brand) canned food that’s served, plus their dry food, daily; and
…two scratching posts.
Thank you for caring about these three adorable cat brothers!

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